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Did God Tolerate Sin?

Malachi 3:6a-b and Hebrews 13:8 --- God does not change, nor would He, therefore, "tolerate" sin, as some mistakenly assert. Indeed, many Christians often speak of the "curse of the Law" in that, under the Old Testament, there was no "tolerance" for sin at all. And yet, such ones will then equally assert the opposite ---and thereby illogical--- thought that "polygamy" was supposedly a "sin" about which God supposedly "tolerated" in the Old Testament. Moreover, to suggest that God somehow "tolerated" sin is to then mistakenly assert that Christ supposedly did not need to "go to the Cross" for the salvation of sinners! (God forbid!) Indeed, the very gospel is precisely because God does not "tolerate" sin, that He prepared a means of redemption through Christ. The merciful Lord God does not change!

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