Polygamy   really   is   Biblical!  SM

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Biblical Polygamy . com

A resource for proving that Polygamy really IS Biblical.

The purpose and outline of this web-site are simple:
As based only on the Bible, to provide

  • the Exegesis / Argumentation Proofs in the Bible,
  • the list of all the Polygamists in the Bible,
  • and the examples where The Lord Himself is self-described in polygamous terms in the Bible,
all in a simple and easy-to-use web-site.

For anyone preferring to have the Layout of the site's navigation to be a little different, a simple click of a link will make a change immediately.

In giving credit where credit is due, this web-site also provides the Copyright page.

May this web-site serve all who would seek to know the truth of the Bible. For indeed, the Scriptures prove that
Polygamy really is Biblical! sm

Abdon* Abijah Abraham Ahab Ahasuerus
Ashur Belshazzar Benhadad Caleb David
Eliphaz Elkanah Esau Ezra Gideon
Heman* Hosea* Ibzan* Issachar** Jacob
Jair* Jehoiachin Jehoram Jerahmeel Joash
Lamech Machir Manasseh Mered Moses
Nahor Rehoboam Saul Shaharaim Shimei*
Simeon Solomon Terah* Zedekiah Ziba*

Biblical Polygamy . com
Polygamy really is BiblicalSM

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